Whore Amy's V.I.P. Clients

Monday, February 1, 2010

WhoreAmy's Sex Diary at BurdelPaprika.



This is the first of many sister blogs spin off of BurdelPaprika, Madame Paprika's Brothel.

Each blog is dedicated to one of Madame Paprika's whores and this one belongs to WhoreAmy.

WhoreAmy was recruited by Madame Paprika and has since received the honor of Madame Paprika's favorite prostitute.

As Madame Paprika sends WhoreAmy to work, WhoreAmy shall make her best attempt to first satisfy Madame Paprika's clients and satisfy Madame Paprika's personal needs. WhoreAmy also must make every effort to document her daily sex activities pertaining to brothel businesses here in this blog.

Visitors of BurdelPaprika are encouraged to send their comments to each diary and express their enjoyments or dissatisfactions of WhoreAmy's work, effort and performances. And, if so chosen, suggest improvements or new tricks WhoreAmy must acquire.

In short, visitors are encouraged to enter their Fuck Reports (FR) in the comments of related posts.



  1. When I saw Amy I inmediatly wanted her in my brothel, I think she is so nasty and I saw her so much potential as a whore by the way she gives blowjobs and take big black cocks in her still tight asshole. I just love this prostitute of mine.


  2. Dear Madame Paprika,

    You are so kind and I am very grateful and fortunate to become one of your prostitute. I am having a time of my life. I will do my best to please your clients and yourself.

    Kisses and love