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Monday, February 22, 2010

FR of Whores Amy and Suki by DL.

The following are comments left on Suki's room by client DL and whore Suki.


Thank you for sending me the two lovely whores Suki and Amy on Valentines day. I saw their fuck report on whore Amy's diary. It was accurate and I truly enjoyed both of them.

Even though they are both new whores in your brothel, Amy seems to be a very experienced fucker. Amy must have worked in other brothels before. I did not fuck either cunt but when I fingered both of them I can tell Amy's cunt is very lose and Suki has tight cunt. I wish I had more cum to fuck Suki's cunt that day.

I can only put one finger into Suki's cunt while I was able to put four fingers into Amy's cunt without any problem. I'm sure I can fist Amy's cunt, but I did not. Amy's lose cunt was able to squeeze my hand hard, so I think an inexperienced guy may still think Amy had tight cunt.

Anyways, Amy is very very good at deep throat. I fucked Amy's mouth/ throat very very hard and she took my hard pump at ease - very satisfying for me and Amy seemed to love it, too!!!

Suki is so tiny I did not want to make her cry so I did not fuck Suki as hard as I did Amy.

Both girls' anus are very tight. Suki needs a little more ass training - too tight. Amy's ass hole is just right. And they both sucked my cock clean after ass fucking them.

Oh yes, Suki sucked my ass and cock clean before I fucked them instead of me washing up. That was very unusual.

Overall I am extremely happy with both whores. They are the best whores I ever had.

It is hard to say which one I like better. It is best to fuck them both same time. I recommend all guys both whores.

Dick Long
FEBRUARY 18, 2010 3:02 PM


Suki said...

Dear Dick Long,

Thank you so much for writing such a nice FR for me and Amy. I'm sure Madame Paprika will be very pleased to hear what you have to say.

Whore Amy and I also want to tell you that we both enjoy being fucked by you. And I especially want to thank you for not fucking me too hard - you are very sweet.

Please book us, or any other beautiful whores, again and soon.

Suki look forward to fucking you again.

Whore Suki
FEBRUARY 18, 2010 4:54 PM


Hope you enjoyed the report.

-Whore Amy

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