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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day FR by Whores Amy and Suki.

On Valentine's day Madame Paprika booked whores Amy and Suki as a team to satisfy DL's request. DL got lucky because Madame Paprika had a 50% discount on that day and DL wasn't charged for the extra services.

This is our Fuck Report.

Suki was a bit nervous so I held her hand as the three of us went up the ho-tel elevator. DL was turned on by the sight that we held hands, he ordered us to make out as soon as we got into the room. Suki and I french kissed and I can tell Suki liked it as much as I did. DL then ordered us to strip each other. To his surprise neither of us were wearing undies and both had a Tampon in our cunt to prevent wet pussy juices from forming a wet spot on our mini skirts.

DL popped the Tampons and started to finger both of us as we continued kissing. We then turn to undress DL. DL has a nice cock - not too large but very stiff. He wanted us to wait while he cleaned up his private parts.

To our surprise Suki stopped him and said she'll lick him clean! Wow! What a dirty tiny little whore Suki is! Suki pushed DL onto the bed and lifted his legs. Immediately went down on his crotch. Suki first rimmed his a-hole then slowly pushed her tongue deep into his anus sucking.

DL motioned me to straddle him, so I did and I lowered down my butt onto his face so DL can lick my a-hole. I tried to take his cock for my mouth but Suki was in the way. While tongue cleaning his anus Suki had one hand rubbing his balls and the other hand palming his wet cock head.

Guess I learned something from Suki. She was very good at rimming and sucking on DL's anus and Suki's palming technique is superb! Suki had her palm rubbing DL's wet cock head while her fingers ran down his shaft. I was surprised he did not shoot with all that pleasure. DL was moaning, or shall I say groaning (borrowing a term from KissMeGrabMe) with obvious pleasure.

At the height of his pleasure, DL ordered us to make out 69 with me on the bottom. So Suki and I were lick each other and DL went behind Suki and rimmed his very wet cock straight into Suki's a-hole. I can hear a loud moan, somewhat painful one, cuming out of Suki. But she did not complain. He penetrated Suki's ass without KY - only his wet precum. He pumped her. I can tell Suki was enjoying it but DL was really happy with Suki's tight ass - he kept on saying "Suki your ass so tight, ass so tight, Suki tight, Suki tight..."

It didn't take long before DL shot his first cum deep into Suki's ass. I immediately went for Suki's ass and started licking her clean and enjoying her brown cum creampie. I tongued her deep and I can tell Suki really liked that. DL on the other end stuck his cock into Suki's mouth and I can hear Suki sucking his brown cum stained cock. DL then went deep into Suki's mouth and deep throat fucked Suki. I can hear Suki gagging and coughing a bit, but Suki managed to take his entire cock deep.

When all subsided, we exchanged positions. I was on top of Suki 69 and DL rimmed his cock into my ass. After one shot DL's cock was still stiff. And DL pumped my ass really hard. He pumped my ass much harder than he pumped Suki's. I'm not sure if DL was giving Suki a break or it was because my ass is somewhat wider than Suki's. It took DL much longer to shoot into my ass than Suki's.

After his second shot Suki licked my ass and DL rammed his cock straight into my throat with his brown cum stained cock. Not fair, he did not allow me suck clean his cock. But he really enjoyed deep throat fucking me. After a long while DL held my head tight against his crotch while his cock is deep in my throat - I can hardly breath but DL was in heaven. I'm glad he got his money's worth. I'm a good whore.

DL wanted a rest so Suki and I took the opportunity to make out. We mostly frenched and fingered each other. I hope Suki was not thinking that I was taking advantage of her because I'm not a paying guest but I was so enjoying her. Suki is so cute, tiny, soft and sexy.

DL was enjoying the rest and the show Suki and I put on for him. I also think Suki enjoyed me.

DL went for Suki's ass, again. This time he seemed to pump her a bit harder than the first time. DL fucked Suki's ass much longer this time for sure. After all he had two shots he doesn't have to worry about leaking early. I'm not sure if Suki was having pleasure or pain, but she sure moaned and moaned. Suki has very sexy moans. That alone is worth all the $$$$.

Before DL shot his third cum, he pulled out and grabbed my head and stuck his brown cum covered cock down my throat. Ah, he wanted a cross ATM - Suki's ass to Amy's mouth. I liked it. I already have tasted Suki's brown stuff from rimming and deep tongue cleaning her cum filled ass earlier.

DL took another little rest before he rammed my ass - for a very very long time. He was making sure he got all his money's worth. Well, he paid half price and wasn't charged for extra's. But he's still trying to squeeze the last drop out of me. But that's okay, I'm a good whore and besides, I loved it, too.

As expected, DL wanted his last shot to be a cross ATM, this time, from Amy's ass to Suki's mouth. I think DL had mercy on Suki. She is so tiny. DL did not gag Suki the way he did me. But Suki really cleaned him well and licked his cock as if Suki was starved for a few days. Good whore Suki! Amy is proud of you. And Amy love you.

I believe Madame Paprika charged DL $3,000.00 dls for the services. DL gave us each $600.00 tips. I gave mine to Suki - she earned it. And I do it free.

After DL left, Suki and I stayed for a while making out. We hope we're not breaking Brothel rules. But you see, DL did not fuck our pussies. All that sex and Suki and I were left horny!

-Whores Amy and Suki

ps: Madema Paprika, next time send a camera crew.
psps: If you enjoyed Amy and Suki, please go to our pictorials at the brothel and give us five start ratings. Will you?


  1. Amy i only have 3 words for this.. I LOVE IT!.

    the slut from kissmegrabme

  2. Bad from KissMeGrabMe,

    Thank you so much. It was a very nice experience. Suki was fabulously delicious.

    -Whore Amy

  3. beautiful. fucking hard fucking beautiful. too bad i missed the valentine's day offer...

  4. Nitin,

    Thank you for your nice comments.
    Hey, even at full price it is worth it. Besides, we guarantee your satisfaction unconditionally or your money back.

    Book me? And Suki? What's your fancy?

    -Whore Amy

  5. i would love to experience you exclusivly first. and then maybe suki too .