Whore Amy's V.I.P. Clients

Monday, February 1, 2010

Amy's Job Application Letter.

Do you blame me for wanting to work for her? Really!

Dear Madame Paprika,

Whore Amy here.

I intended to apply for the job of a prostitute at your brothel but I changed my mind.

Instead, I want the job of being your personal sex slave. As a sex slave I will attend to your personal needs in every aspect of your life and, of course I'll serve your clients in any way you/they wish. My only conditions are 1. you will not hurt me physically and expose me toinfectious diseases. 2. I shall work for you part time at two week intervals each time. 3. all my services will be bareback and therefore all participants must be medically certified.

I shall receive no compensations whatsoever from you or your clients. You will provide me with a round trip air ticket to Italy.

As a personal slave, I shall prepare myself half an hour before you rise each morning and I shall then hop in your bed and lick your sweet ass and pussy until you are awake. I shall then beg your permission to suck on your beautiful and delicious huge brown tits. You may, at your sole pleasure, molest me anyway your wish.

I shall serve you breakfast wearing the Italian maid outfit you provide exposing all my private parts for easy access.

I shall, upon your release of me, immediately return to your brothel and continue my orgy services to your horny waiting clients. I shall not take time off for personal needs, except for body maintenances. I shall not have private time to sleep - all my holes and body parts shall be available to your clients during my sleep when I pass out.

My services include, but not limited to, pussy, ass, mouth and throat fucking, ATM, cross ATM, pee drinking, ass licking/cleaning and limited fisting. I would appreciate it very much if you would provide me with a list of additional services I must deliver so that I can prepare/train myself, so I can be good at them.

I consider our conversion on your Cbox yesterday my initial interview for my job. And I want to thank you for taking time with me. I hope I presented myself properly. I did enjoy our conversation very much and during all night while my BF sleep/fuck me I was thinking about you, my new job and I promised myself not to disappoint you.

This morning, before sunrise, I made a quick post to my blog linking to your brothel blog. I asked my readers to follow your Cbox for our hot conversations. I did not mention applying for a job specifically, but if they read your Cbox, they will find out.

I sincerely hope you will approve my job and post me up on your blog as your prostitute. After that I will ask my readers to vote for me so I can be your favorite whore.

Your Personal Sex Slave,
-Whore Amy


  1. I accepted all Amy´s applications point, I just added:
    1. I can use all my big strapons on all Amy´s holes, as vagina, anus, and mouth, in everytime I want, even if she´s working.
    2. She have no permission to complain of any clients request even if they are more than ten at time.
    3. She have to train her pussy and anus so me and my clients wants to get our fists into her.
    4. She have to drink at least one pint of cum a day...
    If you client have any other ideas to do with her, please let me know it so I can add things to the contract.

    kiss kiss

  2. Dear Madame Paprika,

    I am so happy you made a list of additional duties for me. This is how I can become a better whore like you. Thank you for teaching me and demand of me more.

    I promise -
    1. I will accept strapons on all my holes.
    2. I will not complain of any of your clients for any reasons.
    3. I will train more of my cunt and anus for fisting.
    4. I love to drink cum - the more the better.
    5. Anything you or your clients ask of me.

    Kisses and Love,