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Monday, February 28, 2011

Ass Fisting from CULOFILO.

Whore Amy have always enjoyed CULOFILO - my fav ass site. The blog owner asked me to send him my pics. I thought he just wanted to have a private collection of my ass pics so I sent him a few. Then he posted my ass pics on his blog and this excited my BF. If you want to see my ass on CULOFILO click here and here and here and tell him Whore Amy send you.

-Whore Amy

Friday, February 4, 2011

Lady Faith Training Amy to be a Good Whore.

You may already know that I have joined Odessa and met my girl friend/lover Lady Faith. Lady Faith is now training me to be a better whore.

Odessa is a member only site where members are highly encouraged to contribute to the site in postings and commenting and other forms of activities. If one does not participate they will kick you off.

If you have the time and interest, please send me email at ChowSueWei@Yahoo.com. Be sure to tell me how you'd plan to contribute to the site and I will forward your email to get you an invitation to join Odessa.

Odessa is a lot of fun if you like naked girls and sex. But it is not a match making site.

I will from time to time post some of the fun posts here fyi.

The following are some of the training video I have to watch as my whore training process. I then must do what the video does.

These girls are not me, but please imagine it is you doing to me!

-Whore Amy