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Friday, December 31, 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Whore Amy's On The Job Training Part IV.

..from previous post...

And the fucking goes on. The three guys took turn fucking us call girls. My guys took advantage of my petite size and light weight. They like to toss me around, lift me as they wish and put me on top of them. They love to hold me by my waist and bob me up and down as if they were masturbating except in my case what's touching their cocks is my cunt, not their hand. Can you picture that?
Many men still masturbate even when they have access to fuckable cunts. But nothing beats masturbating using my cunt - they control the speed and every other aspect of fucking.
And when they're about to shoot, they can grab on my butt and make sure their cock is very deep inside my cunt.
But the problem of holding on to my butt and not waist is sometimes their cock slips out of my cunt - I hate it when that happens - that's why I like long cocks - they don't slip out as often.
Men are visual animals - they all like to look at my cunt close up. Even though I love to be closely examined, it still embarrasses me when my cunt lips are spread wide open for close viewing.
There were guys who told me they want to have a mental imprint of my cunt so when I'm not around they can close their eyes and imagine my cunt while they masturbate. How sweet!
I sure hope you guys enjoy the view.
And if you do masturbate staring at me - please leave a comment here and tell me how big is your load!

...more fucking to cum...

-Whore Amy

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Whore Amy's On The Job Training - Part I.

A friend of Lady Faith who operates a call girl service for professional athletes called on Lady Faith for a last minute fill in. There was three athletes and she had only two girls. Lady Faith sometimes fills in for her friend for some fun and gets extra cash - why not?

But Lady Faith always had me in mind so she offered me to do a on the job session. Perfect arrangement. I was so excited.

When we got to the motel there were two blonds, a long haired blond (LHB) and a short haired blond (SHB). I can tell they were high dollar call girls. Then there were three big athletic guys and a camera crew. Didn't know why were there a camera crew.

At the motel corridor the LHB can't wait to show off her talents and asked "Who's first". The guys were not prepared for her offer but gladly accepted.

The LHB asked them to get their cocks out - yes, in the corridor - and they started to cock whip her on her face.
If you noticed, they all have huge cocks! What a delightful sight for me.
The LHB then started to suck on all three cocks and while doing that guys slapped on her butt.
One guy pulled her panty to the side and entered her - yas, right in the corridor!
In the mean time the SHB and me went into the room. One guy worked on the SHB another put me on a round coffee table.
He wasted no time pulled my pants down - as you can see I didn't have panties on! Me and Lady Faith don't were panties - for easy access.
With my pants down to my ankles he wasted no time pulling my cheeks apart for an examination - I so love that!
He used his fingers to poke my ass - as you pbbly already know my ass is still very tight.
In any case I do really enjoy being pokes like that!
Then he removed my bra.
Lady Faith had taught me a nice trick - I iced my tits so they got rock eraser hard and stick out!

....to be continued.

-Whore Amy

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cunt I Can't Wait to Fuck.

Men are visual animals. They like to look at me - dressed or undressed. They also like to watch me undressing. I always try to tease them by not showing my private parts whenever I manage to cover them - either with my hands or by crossing my legs.

But ultimately they spread my legs and stare at my cunt - close up. Except for quickies, they always stare at my cunt and tell me how they admire my beautiful cunt - they also know I like to hear that.

Hey, if you want to fuck me join the GB I'm planning with Slut Kitty. Follow my main blog for developments.

Cum fuck me.

-Whore Amy

Friday, August 6, 2010


When I gathered a few cunt pics for my previous post I was expecting a better than average responses from my readers. Some of the pics clearly showed the hymen still intact. In the text I asked you, my readers, to comment on virgins and your experiences.

But alas! There was no response - zero, none, zilt! Some even commented on my older posts!

I'm not sure why. It could be that no one has any virgin experience. It could be that your gf never told you that she's a virgin so you didn't even realize you took her virginity?

For me I wish I had recorded my loss of virginity. I wish I had a few pics taken of my intact hymen before it was unsealed. And a few pics taken during and after. Some videos would be even better - but that didn't happen.

A consolation, though, even though no pics were taken either, the loss of my ass virginity was made in front of half dozen witnesses. My bf did make a big deal of it.

I did my preparation for ass penetration wearing ass plugs for a few weeks.

Then one day in the middle of a GB marathon, my bf asked my fbs to stand aside. He put me on all four, raised my ass, lubed her plenty then entered me from behind. My fbs stood by cocks in hands.

His cock entered my ass quite smoothly and with no pain. We received some applause and he pumped me gently until he shot a heavy load in me.

I cried. I was soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy he did it and so happy the way he took my ass virginity.

I only wish similar "ceremony" had happened when I lost my cunt virginity.

That was why I put up my previous post.

Or maybe you guys don't like those cunt pics?

How about thess tits? You like?

-Whore Amy

ps: There's Chinese city in Henan province named 開封. Do you know it's meaning?

Thursday, July 22, 2010


It may be hard to imagine, but whore Amy was once a virgin. Lol. But I'm not telling how and when I lost my virginity - maybe some other time.

Can you tell which of the following cunts still have her hymen intact?

What is a virgin anyway? Does oral sex count? What about fingering?

Guys: Ever fucked a virgin? Want to? Too much responsibility? Did you make her cry? Did you check out her hymen before you penetrated her? Afterwards? A lot of blood? Did you keep the handkerchief that wiped her blood? Did you take pics of her cunt before and after? During?

Gals: Share your experience how you lost your virginity? Did you cry? Did it hurt? Was it exhilarating?

-Whore Amy