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Friday, August 6, 2010


When I gathered a few cunt pics for my previous post I was expecting a better than average responses from my readers. Some of the pics clearly showed the hymen still intact. In the text I asked you, my readers, to comment on virgins and your experiences.

But alas! There was no response - zero, none, zilt! Some even commented on my older posts!

I'm not sure why. It could be that no one has any virgin experience. It could be that your gf never told you that she's a virgin so you didn't even realize you took her virginity?

For me I wish I had recorded my loss of virginity. I wish I had a few pics taken of my intact hymen before it was unsealed. And a few pics taken during and after. Some videos would be even better - but that didn't happen.

A consolation, though, even though no pics were taken either, the loss of my ass virginity was made in front of half dozen witnesses. My bf did make a big deal of it.

I did my preparation for ass penetration wearing ass plugs for a few weeks.

Then one day in the middle of a GB marathon, my bf asked my fbs to stand aside. He put me on all four, raised my ass, lubed her plenty then entered me from behind. My fbs stood by cocks in hands.

His cock entered my ass quite smoothly and with no pain. We received some applause and he pumped me gently until he shot a heavy load in me.

I cried. I was soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy he did it and so happy the way he took my ass virginity.

I only wish similar "ceremony" had happened when I lost my cunt virginity.

That was why I put up my previous post.

Or maybe you guys don't like those cunt pics?

How about thess tits? You like?

-Whore Amy

ps: There's Chinese city in Henan province named 開封. Do you know it's meaning?


  1. Do u mean "Opening the Seal"?? hahahaha...


  2. Hey there my dirty whore
    I love those pics slut. Your owner would love to torture your nipples like that
    I will try and be back full time somewhen soon but health issues have forced me to stop for now....I just wanted you to know bitch, that an owner as great as me would not just leave his breedable fuckslut for no reason
    Now I need a piss whore...open wide.....
    Mister Mark

  3. Rob,

    You got it!

    -Whore Amy

  4. MisterMark,

    Whore was wondering what happened to whore owner. Wish you well. Whore miss your use/abuse and whore is thirsty. Miss you pee.

    Hope you didn't catch STD, coz whore do not wish to propagate.

    So, get well soon and fuck me well and thorough. Save your cum and don't use them on the nurses.


  5. The nurses probaby would whore themselves for me but they wouldn't have a beautiful wet cunt like you, my sexy fuckslut
    I know you missed me using and abusing your cheap fuckholes my little cunt....I knew you would be missing being my toilet and my online slaveslutwhorecunt
    I want to use all your cheap holes and pump you full of my hot seed

    Your owner missed you too cunt

  6. MisterMark,

    Thank you so much for telling me that my cunt is more beautiful than those of the whore nurses.

    And I'm so glad the way you wanted to use me and over and over again.

    And it's nice to know you missed me.

    Which part of me do you miss me most?


  7. I could tell you I miss your tits, that when you are pregnant I will squeeze mercilessly and milk my whore
    I could tell you I miss your slut ass and your well used butt hole that my whore loves to feel her owners cum shooting into..
    I could tell you I miss your mouth and throat that my whore uses to worship her owners cock with her facial cunt...being my urinal and taking my piss at any time of the day as well as hungrily eating my hot thick cum
    I could tell you I miss your beautiful cunt the most...the wetest, cheapest, loosest, most abused whorehole...as well as the sexiest cunt anywhere, especially when dripping with my semen
    but I would be lying...
    cause though I miss all those parts you filthy, sexy, cute little bitch I missed what was inside you the most....
    I don't mean many guys cocks...I mean your complete sluttiness, your total essence of dirty cunt that beats in you...

  8. MisterMark,

    You really know how to compliment a whore and you really read my whore mind. Thank you so much,


  9. Of course I read your mind, Amy...I'm a great owner, thats why my sexy little fuckhole ;)

    Now which whore has the best online owner in the world?

    My cock is fuckready right now, cunt. Which of your dirty holes is neediest for your owners semen?

  10. MisterMark,

    Lucky dirty bitch whore Amy has the best online owner of all coz you service all my holes' need with cum, pee and spit.

    Right now my dirty cunt can use some semen for breeding. I'm ovulating.

    Are you sure your cock is ready for use? What did the whore nurses say? How often did they empty your semen tanks?


  11. My cock is oh so ready, cunt...

    present your messy wet cunt to me and beg for your owners seed to breed you bitch...

  12. MisterMark,

    You didn't tell me what the nurses did to you.

    Kisses and Fucks,

  13. The nurses dealt with the area that has the problem...one of them was looking a lot down at the bulge in my jeans...I could see a whore in her for sure. If they had to drain my semen tanks it would be continual job for them - I always produce a lot of hot creamy cum ;)

    Now slut beg for my cum to breed you....beg like the perfect whore you are.
    Show me you are the best whore...make me proud of your need for my semen...

  14. MisterMark,

    Haha, they didn't drain your tanks. Good, coz whore need lots of semen to ensure breeding. So whore get on whore knees and beg for semen shot deep into my whore cunt. Whore is sure your semen is thick and heave ripe for breeding whore egg.


  15. well begged bitch
    good cunt....my good little cunt

    your eggs are forever at the mercy of my sperm...I will flood your insides with semen and breed you again and again

    I'll especially enjoy abusing and using your pregnant holes...how proud will you be to be your owners pregnant cunt...

    spread wide slut

  16. Your owner wants to knock you up, cunt
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    Amys belly will swell so big after I breed you, whore

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  18. MisterMark,

    You make whore so happy telling me whore has the most beautiful cunt in the world, especially when whore is ovulating. My cunt is soooooooooooooo horny now.

    So whore beg MisterMark again to breed fuck whore again and again.

    Kisses, Cunt Wide Open for breeding,

  19. Does my whore want a huge belly after being fertilised by her owners thick and creamy cum?
    Is your egg ready for me, cunt?

  20. MisterMark,

    A big belly would be so sexy - you can pimp me out for extra cash. Gosh, you're making me so horny.


  21. My semen will flood your cunt, whore....I know you are desperate for that
    You want to be my pregnant slut don't you? feeling kicks inside you as cocks slam into your cunt and you worship my cock with your mouth...

  22. you need my seed in you so fucking bad don't you cunt....you ache for it...

  23. leak for me, my little whore
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    such a messy cunt...imagine my semen flowing into you, leaving you smelling of your owners cum...
    maybe I should tie my pregnant slut to the wall outside for public use...
    leak for me
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  24. ah Cunt, if only you could feel my cock in you right now...you are ovulating and I am in the mood to fertilize a sluts egg

    You have a beautiful fuckhole, whore

  25. think of your owners cock...so hard and ready for your beautiful cunt...

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  27. I've never fucked a virgin.

    I used to think it would be a sexy experience, you know explaining what to do for the first time; introducing her to the ways of the cock; witnessing her reaction to seeing her first real male ejaculation. All that would be a turn on. But in reality I think fucking a virgin would be messy and fussy and probably not that sexy at all. Sex is alway best with experienced girls in my opinion.

    Oh, and in answer to your question; Yes, I like those tits. Big nipples rock my world! ;-)

  28. Red,

    Taking a virgin is no ordinary sex. Once upon a time that's what happens during wedding nights - no longer.

    I'm a bit disappointed that so few people respond to my quest for virgin experiences.

    -Whore Amy