Whore Amy's V.I.P. Clients

Thursday, July 22, 2010


It may be hard to imagine, but whore Amy was once a virgin. Lol. But I'm not telling how and when I lost my virginity - maybe some other time.

Can you tell which of the following cunts still have her hymen intact?

What is a virgin anyway? Does oral sex count? What about fingering?

Guys: Ever fucked a virgin? Want to? Too much responsibility? Did you make her cry? Did you check out her hymen before you penetrated her? Afterwards? A lot of blood? Did you keep the handkerchief that wiped her blood? Did you take pics of her cunt before and after? During?

Gals: Share your experience how you lost your virginity? Did you cry? Did it hurt? Was it exhilarating?

-Whore Amy

Monday, July 19, 2010

Amy Walking the Street?

Would you fuck me if I walk the street like this? If so, how much would you pay me? Two hours unlimited shots and all services rendered?

-Whore Amy

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Amy's Wiggly Behind.

Inspired by Randy's AsianAss =(what a great ass below)= whore Amy remembers how my bf admires my fat butt.

I have a very small frame but my butt is disproportionally fat and as a result I walk funny. Especially when I'm wearing heels I wiggle my butt coz I simply cannot maintain my balance. My bf employed a trick that made my walk even more imbalanced as if I walk wiggling my butt on purpose - but no, I'm just trying to keep my balance.

He added from one quarter to half an inch height to my left heel! So my body is never in balance and as I walk my butt really sways left to right to left. I catch a lot of stares in crowded places and my bf simply loves it! Me? I am embarrassed but that never stops my bf from enjoying it - even more so when I blush.

-Whore Amy

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