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Friday, June 25, 2010

MisterMark Says Whore Amy has the Most Beautiful Whore Cunt.

MisterMark is my recent reader who sent me such dirty comments to my previous post "Would You Like to Do This to Me" in which a slut was cum-ed on her face by a gang of six to eight (hard to count) horny guys then she was pissed on her face and all over her body - all the time she smiled showing her satisfaction and appreciation.

I was so turned by the act I wanted my readers to do that to me, too.

I have always wondered why sluts like me is so eager to please my men to abuse me. A lot of abuse do not deliver direct pleasure to me and yet sluts like me is so eager to have our guys abuse us. I have posed this question to my fellow slut bloggers and while they have similar desire to please their men, they do not know why, either.

MisterMark sent me a ton of dirty comments most of which is insulting to a normal gurl but sluts like me is totally turned on by him. MisterMark is my number one reader because of that. None of my guy readers have said such dirty things to me.

I have answered all MisterMark's comments with thanks and appreciations coz he so turned me on.

Then I begged MisterMark to tell me that whore Amy has the most beautiful whore cunt in the world. MisterMark kept on telling me that I was beautiful - not mentioning my whore cunt being beautiful.

I begged him several times and promised him that I will be his personal whore. Only after that MisterMark told me that "Whore Amy has the most beautiful and fuckable whore cunt".

I was so turned on when I heard that I had to go to the little whore's room and stuck three fingers into my lose whore cunt. Only to find out I needed more fingers - finally I inserted my whore hand into my whore cunt and I cum-ed in seconds - my orgasm was so intense I couldn't control my load moan.

Then I realized, all of a sudden, that the reason why sluts like me is so eager to please our men and will do anything to please them - we sluts want to hear that our slut cunts are beautiful.

MisterMark, please spread my legs and take a good and long look at my whore cunt and tell me if she isn't the most beautiful whore cunt in the world!

I know you've said it already, but I need to hear it again and again and again and I will reward you with all my four holes and I will do everything you tell me.

-Whore Amy

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Would You Like to Do This to Me?

If I invite you to my GB party would you like to do this to me?

What are you waiting for?

-Whore Amy