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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

FR of Whores Amy and Suki by DL.

The following are comments left on Suki's room by client DL and whore Suki.


Thank you for sending me the two lovely whores Suki and Amy on Valentines day. I saw their fuck report on whore Amy's diary. It was accurate and I truly enjoyed both of them.

Even though they are both new whores in your brothel, Amy seems to be a very experienced fucker. Amy must have worked in other brothels before. I did not fuck either cunt but when I fingered both of them I can tell Amy's cunt is very lose and Suki has tight cunt. I wish I had more cum to fuck Suki's cunt that day.

I can only put one finger into Suki's cunt while I was able to put four fingers into Amy's cunt without any problem. I'm sure I can fist Amy's cunt, but I did not. Amy's lose cunt was able to squeeze my hand hard, so I think an inexperienced guy may still think Amy had tight cunt.

Anyways, Amy is very very good at deep throat. I fucked Amy's mouth/ throat very very hard and she took my hard pump at ease - very satisfying for me and Amy seemed to love it, too!!!

Suki is so tiny I did not want to make her cry so I did not fuck Suki as hard as I did Amy.

Both girls' anus are very tight. Suki needs a little more ass training - too tight. Amy's ass hole is just right. And they both sucked my cock clean after ass fucking them.

Oh yes, Suki sucked my ass and cock clean before I fucked them instead of me washing up. That was very unusual.

Overall I am extremely happy with both whores. They are the best whores I ever had.

It is hard to say which one I like better. It is best to fuck them both same time. I recommend all guys both whores.

Dick Long
FEBRUARY 18, 2010 3:02 PM


Suki said...

Dear Dick Long,

Thank you so much for writing such a nice FR for me and Amy. I'm sure Madame Paprika will be very pleased to hear what you have to say.

Whore Amy and I also want to tell you that we both enjoy being fucked by you. And I especially want to thank you for not fucking me too hard - you are very sweet.

Please book us, or any other beautiful whores, again and soon.

Suki look forward to fucking you again.

Whore Suki
FEBRUARY 18, 2010 4:54 PM


Hope you enjoyed the report.

-Whore Amy

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day FR by Whores Amy and Suki.

On Valentine's day Madame Paprika booked whores Amy and Suki as a team to satisfy DL's request. DL got lucky because Madame Paprika had a 50% discount on that day and DL wasn't charged for the extra services.

This is our Fuck Report.

Suki was a bit nervous so I held her hand as the three of us went up the ho-tel elevator. DL was turned on by the sight that we held hands, he ordered us to make out as soon as we got into the room. Suki and I french kissed and I can tell Suki liked it as much as I did. DL then ordered us to strip each other. To his surprise neither of us were wearing undies and both had a Tampon in our cunt to prevent wet pussy juices from forming a wet spot on our mini skirts.

DL popped the Tampons and started to finger both of us as we continued kissing. We then turn to undress DL. DL has a nice cock - not too large but very stiff. He wanted us to wait while he cleaned up his private parts.

To our surprise Suki stopped him and said she'll lick him clean! Wow! What a dirty tiny little whore Suki is! Suki pushed DL onto the bed and lifted his legs. Immediately went down on his crotch. Suki first rimmed his a-hole then slowly pushed her tongue deep into his anus sucking.

DL motioned me to straddle him, so I did and I lowered down my butt onto his face so DL can lick my a-hole. I tried to take his cock for my mouth but Suki was in the way. While tongue cleaning his anus Suki had one hand rubbing his balls and the other hand palming his wet cock head.

Guess I learned something from Suki. She was very good at rimming and sucking on DL's anus and Suki's palming technique is superb! Suki had her palm rubbing DL's wet cock head while her fingers ran down his shaft. I was surprised he did not shoot with all that pleasure. DL was moaning, or shall I say groaning (borrowing a term from KissMeGrabMe) with obvious pleasure.

At the height of his pleasure, DL ordered us to make out 69 with me on the bottom. So Suki and I were lick each other and DL went behind Suki and rimmed his very wet cock straight into Suki's a-hole. I can hear a loud moan, somewhat painful one, cuming out of Suki. But she did not complain. He penetrated Suki's ass without KY - only his wet precum. He pumped her. I can tell Suki was enjoying it but DL was really happy with Suki's tight ass - he kept on saying "Suki your ass so tight, ass so tight, Suki tight, Suki tight..."

It didn't take long before DL shot his first cum deep into Suki's ass. I immediately went for Suki's ass and started licking her clean and enjoying her brown cum creampie. I tongued her deep and I can tell Suki really liked that. DL on the other end stuck his cock into Suki's mouth and I can hear Suki sucking his brown cum stained cock. DL then went deep into Suki's mouth and deep throat fucked Suki. I can hear Suki gagging and coughing a bit, but Suki managed to take his entire cock deep.

When all subsided, we exchanged positions. I was on top of Suki 69 and DL rimmed his cock into my ass. After one shot DL's cock was still stiff. And DL pumped my ass really hard. He pumped my ass much harder than he pumped Suki's. I'm not sure if DL was giving Suki a break or it was because my ass is somewhat wider than Suki's. It took DL much longer to shoot into my ass than Suki's.

After his second shot Suki licked my ass and DL rammed his cock straight into my throat with his brown cum stained cock. Not fair, he did not allow me suck clean his cock. But he really enjoyed deep throat fucking me. After a long while DL held my head tight against his crotch while his cock is deep in my throat - I can hardly breath but DL was in heaven. I'm glad he got his money's worth. I'm a good whore.

DL wanted a rest so Suki and I took the opportunity to make out. We mostly frenched and fingered each other. I hope Suki was not thinking that I was taking advantage of her because I'm not a paying guest but I was so enjoying her. Suki is so cute, tiny, soft and sexy.

DL was enjoying the rest and the show Suki and I put on for him. I also think Suki enjoyed me.

DL went for Suki's ass, again. This time he seemed to pump her a bit harder than the first time. DL fucked Suki's ass much longer this time for sure. After all he had two shots he doesn't have to worry about leaking early. I'm not sure if Suki was having pleasure or pain, but she sure moaned and moaned. Suki has very sexy moans. That alone is worth all the $$$$.

Before DL shot his third cum, he pulled out and grabbed my head and stuck his brown cum covered cock down my throat. Ah, he wanted a cross ATM - Suki's ass to Amy's mouth. I liked it. I already have tasted Suki's brown stuff from rimming and deep tongue cleaning her cum filled ass earlier.

DL took another little rest before he rammed my ass - for a very very long time. He was making sure he got all his money's worth. Well, he paid half price and wasn't charged for extra's. But he's still trying to squeeze the last drop out of me. But that's okay, I'm a good whore and besides, I loved it, too.

As expected, DL wanted his last shot to be a cross ATM, this time, from Amy's ass to Suki's mouth. I think DL had mercy on Suki. She is so tiny. DL did not gag Suki the way he did me. But Suki really cleaned him well and licked his cock as if Suki was starved for a few days. Good whore Suki! Amy is proud of you. And Amy love you.

I believe Madame Paprika charged DL $3,000.00 dls for the services. DL gave us each $600.00 tips. I gave mine to Suki - she earned it. And I do it free.

After DL left, Suki and I stayed for a while making out. We hope we're not breaking Brothel rules. But you see, DL did not fuck our pussies. All that sex and Suki and I were left horny!

-Whores Amy and Suki

ps: Madema Paprika, next time send a camera crew.
psps: If you enjoyed Amy and Suki, please go to our pictorials at the brothel and give us five start ratings. Will you?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Initiation of Whore Amy.

Unbeknowns to whore Amy, my first ten days or so at the Brothel was an initiation process. I was subject to verification, test of my abilities, endurances and I was being broken in to be a real life whore.

My first night at the Brothel was just the beginning of my initiation process. I was blindfolded at the door step. Madame Paprika later told me that she was watching me all night and was so turned on she rubbed her clitoris and cum several times. That's good news, I must have put on a good show for her.

Madame Paprika offered a dozen of her best clients a night of free sampling. I was the only free sample. She also ordered some of her male workers to break me in, including the bouncer who blindfolded me at the door - I could tell from his voice that he was one of those who fucked me.

That first night they tested all my holes with concentration on my a-hole. In my job application letter I told Madame Paprika my a-hole was still tender and had very low milage. She must wanted to find out how tight my a-hole was and also tried to stretch her - and I was stretched!

The following night I was summoned to Madame Paprika's office. As I walked in she was interviewing two girls and was helping one client pick his whore. She had planned to test my pee drinking ability but I wasn't prepared for that. Without a word, she placed my mouth snugly on her pussy and in front of everyone in the room unloaded her entire bladder into my mouth.

I tried my best and gulped down every drop of her pee. It must have been a good sixteen ounces of wine pee. She had been drinking her favorite wine to build up her bladder just for the test.

She then sat on my face so I licked her a-hole and sniffed her pussy juice. The two girls gave me a licking of my feet and legs - a nice massage I enjoyed.

Then came the mandingo she hired. He almost broke me - she meant to have him break me in - miscommunications there. But I survived. Again, she had him work on my a-hole pumping hard and stretching it wide.

Then I was traded to Stockholm for a week and I later found out the main purpose of my trip was to have my a-hole stretched.

I reported my experiences in my previous posts in detail. This post is just a recap and to tell my readers that I passed my initiation test and I think Madame Paprika likes me.

-Whore Amy

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day to All my Clients.

The Brothel is Open Today.

Today happens to be The Chinese New Year's Day - the beginning of the Spring Festival, which ends on The Lantern Festival two weeks from today.
This is the year of the Tiger.

-Whore Amy

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.

Oh the weather outside is frightful.
But Whore Amy is so delightful.
And since we've all stuck in Amy's holes.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

-Whore Amy

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Madame Paprika and Whore Amy IV.

After the mandingo shot his load in whore Amy's mouth he immediately shoved his thick and long cock deep into my throat and held my head against his crotch tight and snug. I wasn't able to breath and part of his cum blew out of my nose and that made my breathing even more difficult.

He held me so long I panicked and my body started to shake and struggle trying to get lose. But he was strong. All at the same time Madame Paprika was licking clean my ass of the cum he shot a while ago. Madame Paprika thought I was shaking because the pleasure I was getting from the two of them working on my body. Actually, that, too. I had mixed feelings - pleasured, fearful of drowning and started to lose consciousness.

But Madame Paprika came to my rescue just in time. She appeared to be upset and scolded the mandingo. Turned out, she told the mandingo to "break that little Asian bitch" when she meant to say "break in that little Asian bitch".

After that, the evening went well. He was rough on me and Madame Paprika but was within limits.

The mandingo turned his cock on Madame Paprika. While he pumped Madame Paprika's ass, she and me started french kissing. I couldn't keep my hands off her huge breasts and I have always admired her large brown titties which I sucked on for a long while.

The mandingo shot the third load - this one into Madame Paprika's ass. When he pulled out, I immediately went down on her to clean up. Her ass smells so sweet and the brown cum so fishy - I simply loved it. The mandingo shoved his cock into Madame Paprika's mouth and started to enjoy a BJ.

As if to show off, Madame Paprika also swallowed his cock and allowed him a deep throat fuck. He shot his fourth cum into her mouth and I started to kiss her and exchanged cum in our mouths.

Madame Paprika sent off the hired mandingo and she and I started to make out. We explored each other's body, every inch of us emphasizing on our holes.

I never thought I had bi tendency before. This evening was a shocking experience as well as a very pleasurable one.

Thank you Madame Paprika.
I love you.

-Whore Amy

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Stockholm Night Life.

Whore Amy want to thank the beautiful Emma and her Dirty 'Old' Man for their hospitality and for making my stay in the beautiful city Stockholm a very memorable one.

I also want to thank Madame Paprika for trading me to them for a week of my services in return for promoting her Brothel.

The following is a pictorial of Stockholm night life as I experienced it.

Which is your favorite scene?

-Whore Amy

Friday, February 5, 2010

Madame Paprika and Whore Amy III.

The hired mandingo fucked my ass really hard with his long fast strokes and my ass hole was both pleasured and hurting. I only lost my ass virginity last November and so she's still very tender and not widely gaped.

Mangingo kept asking "Do you want more, bitch? You whorny Asian bitch? If you want more bitch you must beg" I'm not sure if I can take more, but I answered "Yes, please I'm begging, give me more, bitch wants more..."

I saw Madame Paprika rubbing her clitoris like she did during my first night at the brothel. When our eyes met I stuck my tongue out and licked my lips. She got the message and immediately straddled and knelt on top of me. She held my head up by pulling my hair. My mouth met her clitoris snugly and started to suck and lick.

After a while I felt mangingo had unloaded his cum inside my ass. He pulled out his wooden stiff cock and said "Cleanup my shit cock you Asian bitch." As he moved towards me and pulled on my hair, with my mouth wide open he rammed his shit coated cock into my mouth.

Madame Paprika seized on the moment and serviced my cum dripping anus. She licked it clean like she had skipped a few meals.

Mean time I was licking off the mangingo cock. And without notice, he pulled my head and rammed his cock into my throat so fast I had no time to prepare for the entrance. When I deep throat guys, they allowed me to manage to swallow their cocks into my throat so I wouldn't choke or gag. But this guy is a professional fucker and not my FB.

I'm pretty sure Madame Paprika had hired him to rough me up so I can face the reality of being a prostitute. I always hesitated becoming a real whore and this is what I was afraid of. But I am here and there is no changing my mind. I must gut it out.

So he choked and gaged me and he fucked my throat like fucking a cheap whore. Actually I was cheaper then a cheap whore - he was PAID to fuck me.

After a while I noticed he was gonna shoot - I always know when a guy is ready to shoot. I hope he doesn't shoot it down my throat, I simply want the cum in my mouth so I can taste it. Sure enough, he pull his cock out of my throat and shot his load inside my mouth.

As I was gonna taste the cum, he rammed his wood cock back into my throat again. With that big load inside my mouth, I was choked even more severely.

The way he pulled my hair and held my head, I was in no position to get myself free, free of his choking cock to catch a breath or to cough. His cum was choking me very badly and I had no defense. The cum load was so big and he held me so tight, the load had to go some where - some of it came out of my nose. Some of it was pumped out of my mouth.

I really thought I was gonna die drowning.

Madame Paprika slowly noticed what happened. She finally, after I almost passed out, came to my rescue. She left my anus and jumped on the mangingo and literally tackled him.

At that time I was crying and the tears obscured my vision but I can still see that Madame Paprika really tried to push this big guy away from me.

"I told you to break her for real prostitution not to kill her!" She sounded angry. I was very appreciative that she protected me.

He apologized and I saw his cock wilted a little. I was like oh shit, I don't want to spoil the party. I was roughed up, but I'm a tough girl, besides, I was actually enjoying the rough sex.

.. I hate to tease you guys, but I had to go - I'm a busy girl. I promise I will continue my diary - albeit late. I promised Madame Paprika I will report all details to her on my Whore Amy's Diary right here.

Be sure to book services at BurdelPaprika for me or any whore(s) of our choice. And, give ma a five star rating.

-Whore Amy

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Madame Paprika and Whore Amy II.

This is a continuation of my Feb. 1st post that was incomplete. Whore Amy has been busy so I beg your forgiveness for telling my story late. I will do my best to remember every details of what took place at Madame Paprika's office that memorable evening.

Why was it so memorable to Whore Amy? Well, it was my first lesbian encounter and I was molested by the world's most beautiful and famous Whore, now retired, Madame Paprika.

Madame Paprika ordered me to lie down on her sofa face up, head on the wide armrest. She then sat on my face, a pleasant surprise. I had the beautiful and close up view of Madame Paprika's snatch valley. Then her beautiful big fat soft butt smothered my face with my mouth and tongue right under her ass hole, my nose beneath her juicy cunt opening. And my eyes had direct view of her beautiful bouncing boobs, my hands reaching for her large brown titties.

I was so overwhelmed I cum immediately without being molested, not yet.

Madame Paprika proceeded to continue her work. She was interviewing two girls applying for prostitute positions and the client was seeking help to pick the right whore.

All three were dumbfounded by the behavior of Madame and Whore.

The girls had a first hand exposure of what's cuming to them when they report to work and the poor guy was so enchanted he was ready to dish out any $$$$ Madame Paprika was gonna charge him.

All at the same time Madame Paprika wiggled her soft butt on my face and both of us was having an orgy. And when she orgasm-ed, she shot a hot load right onto my nose. Some how I managed to sniff her delicious juice into my nose and managed to swallowed the fluid - I couldn't believe I could do that.

And Madame Paprika's ass hole smelled so sweet and tasted so fishy - okay, I am a sea food lover and happened to love fishes that smell a little fishy. Plus, with all that wine pee I drank, the whole bladder full she relieved into my mouth earlier, I was a little light headed and the whole experience was so incredibly hot.

But that was only the beginning.

Madame Paprika ordered her prostitute wannabes to molest me and go all out show what they are capable of. Do I feel lucky or do I feel like a guinea pig?

Doesn't matter, it is happening. The girls first took my legs each into their hands and started to lick my feet. That was nice. I was quite tired and these new whores gave me a foot massage. Cool!

Then they tongue painted my legs, thighs and of course the final destination is my snatch valley. Because of the awkward position I was in, only one girl can lick my snatch so the other girl held my legs up in the air and made sure my legs were spread. They even lifted my legs up so that my butt was bent that they can lick my ass hole.

All at the same time Madame Paprika was telling her client what kind of girls the Brothel offers and the services the whores provide. Was that really necessary? The poor guy probably shot in his pants already just watching. Of course I was moaning loudly even though I was muffed by her big soft butt. And once in a while Madame Paprika shot out a loud moan - in the middle of a speech with that horny guy.

The guy kept on interrupting Madame Paprika and told her he just wanted to fuck that little Asian whore under her butt - that would be me. But Madame paprika kept on going with her pitch. I thought she did that for two reasons, one, she wanted to drive up the price and two, she was totally enjoying me and wanted to have me for herself.

Madam Paprika finally told the poor guy that whore Amy is already booked solid and that he'll have to accept another girl tonight and that if he puts down a $$$$ deposit she'll have me reserved for him at a later date. Without disappointing the poor guy too much, Madame Paprika offered a free show for him.

She sat up from my face, cum dripping damn nearly drowned me. Told the girls to report to work as soon as paper work is completed and dismissed them.

Madame Paprika held my hand and put her other hand on my behind and led me to a room next to her office, signaled the guy to follow.

In the room Madame Paprika ordered me lie on the bed, lift my legs high in the air and spread them a little so the guy can have a nice partial view of my snatch. I took a glance at him and his stiff cock is about to burst out of his pants.

See pics of me in that position in my previous post titled "Madame Paprika and Whore Amy".

I did not know what she had planned for me.

But I did not have to wait. Before I realized, a mandingo with huge cock came into my sight. Madame Paprika actually hired him. Yes, she paid him to fuck me. Wow! I thought I was the whore in the room.

He took my legs into his strong hands and spread me wide. Didn't know my name and called me bitch all night. He then spat on my cunt and said "Bitch, if you want me you'd have to beg." Of course I wanted him - I was so horny, how can I resist? So I begged. He spat on my cunt again.

"Since you begged so nicely - here I cum." I thought he was gonna ram into my cunt since he spat on her. Instead he rammed his huge stiff, very stiff cock, into my ass. I was so unprepared and surprised. I wasn't lubricated but somehow his cock thrust into my tiny tight Asian ass in one swift motion I was both so hurt and pleasured like never before.

Now I realized why Madame Paprika "paid" for the cock. Paid cocks are much stiffer and he knew how to molest a defenseless little Asian whore.

But Madame Paprika took care of me, I knew she would. She immediately reached for the KY and held the mangingo's cock with her hand and squeezed KY on his cock.

She did not want my tender ass to burst - and that she still need my ass for other clients and for herself.

.. I hate to tease you guys, but I had to go - I'm a busy girl. I promise I will continue my diary - albeit late. I promised Madame Paprika I will report all details to her on my Whore Amy's Diary right here.

Be sure to book services at BurdelPaprika for me or any whore(s) of our choice. And, give ma a five star rating.

-Whore Amy

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

35 Vikings plus Emma and Her Dirty Old Man.

In my previous post I mentioned that I missed two pills due to confusion. So I thought I'd be clever. I reasoned if I restart the Y.E.S. at the same clock hours I used to take those things at home I'd be messed up again when going back home.

The same clock in two time zones are not the same time. So I must resume my pills at the correct time I would be taking back home or else. So the clever me waited till the local clock hour is same time as my pill taking time back home.

If I lose you, don't worry, I'm confused, too. Einstein help me.

But doing so I calculated that I actually missed three pills now. That greatly increased my chances of being knocked up by these 35+1 Vikings.

But I'm not gonna worry, in a wicked sense I was hoping I'd be pregnant so Madame Paprika will be happy, I think. At least I can still work for her.


Now the Vikings.
Emma and her Dirty Old Man live in a very nice and large home. So hosting 35 additional men is not a problem.

Emma started the evening dressed me as a Swedish maid, lol, do I look like one? But the emphasis is on the flimsiness of the outfit. It barely covered me - I was bare - all my private parts did not have much privacy. Emma asked me help serving them drinks, whatever they drink - I can't handle alcohol - one sip and they'll have to fuck me drunk - that's not good - my men like my feed back when they fuck me. I give them good feedback! Trust me.

So I mingled with them and when it's time for dinner my outfit was basically all torn and everyone had fingered me, including Emma. After dinner Emma announced desert. Guess what's for desert? Did I have to ask?

WhoreAmy was their desert.

Most of the time all my three holes were occupied and as I was their desert, I have had more desert - all their cums. I ate way too much. But cum is mainly protein, they say.

I worry a bit about my jaw and ass hole. One time in the past I had a sex marathon during which I gave every one deep throat fucking and I pulled my jaw muscle - can't give BJ for a week. I also worry about my ass hole cause I was never ravaged like this before. These Vikings really know how to pump my ass. I made sure lots of KY were applied.

The party lasted till near dawn and they all have to get ready to work. Even though Madame Paprika promised them 24/7 for my services, I actually get to rest a bit and catch up on my diary. So that's good. Besides my jaw and my ass hole does need to rest.

I don't know what Emma and her D.O.M. will schedule for me next.

The only thing sad about being unoccupied is it gives me time to miss Madame Paprika, my BF and my FBs.

WhoreAmy miss you all.

Oh, I almost forgot, Emma was so delicious and she did a good job molesting and licking me. She also participated in the orgy but I really can't tell you what they did to her - I was busy.

Having a good time,

ps: Emma and DOM if you email me pics you took, I'll add them as I receive them.

Whore Amy Missed Two Pills.

Whore Amy is on a pill called Y.E.S. (You Enjoy Sex), if taken according to instructions it worked well for me. I only get four periods each year and that is great for me. There are not too many "Dracula" who wants to fuck a girl when red guards are on duty.

During this overseas trip I missed two pills without realizing. The travel, excitements, time zone change all contributed to my confusion.

I panicked and Cbox to Madame Paprika asking for advice. She told me to continue the pills. I was very worried that I may not be able to work for her. But Madame Paprika reassured me that if I get pregnant she will still keep me in the Brothel and that people pay extra $$$$ for prego girls.

If you want to read the exact conversation between Madame and Whore go to BurdelPaprika and read the Cbox. You may also down load the Cbox and keep it for later.

To reassure me even further, Madame Paprika hired another prego whore yesterday and told me that there are not enough prego girls to supply needs. Checkout young prego Nina.

I have much more to report but not enough time to write. I hope Madame Paprika will forgive me for that. All at the same time I am neglecting my dear BF and all my long time loyal FBs.

I will catch up with my reporting.

-Whore Amy

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What The Vikings Served Me and What I served The Vikings.

Emma was very gracious - in more ways than one. And T.O.M. was very delicious - in more ways than one.

My travel plan, well, I didn't have one. Madame Paprika booked me the flight and gave me the eTicket. I packed up a little bag - no need much - Tampons and pills, basically. I did not think of booking a HoTel or anything else. I eMailed Emma at ARN and T.O.M. picked me up.

The "Old" man was quite young and big dark and handsome. Maybe I'll stay longer, I told myself. But the old man was a dirty old man. I found out immediately at the airport. And on my way to their home. It was late afternoon but dark. Cold but not too bad.

Emma allowed me to stay with them and by them I mean both of them and more... Emma is very attractive. I only saw her pussy pics on her site, now I see her entirety. I mean entirety. Wink, wink. I so love her clit ring. Check her out at HornySweden.

Did I say T.O.M. was a hard man? He is hard and stiff. You know what I mean.

These are some of the Viking green foods they served me. Although I was hungary for something else and they provided that too and then some. I was a bit tired because of traveling but they got me very sore, with that something else. So sore Madame Paprika will be so proud of me.
In return, these are the "things" I served them. All twelve of them, including Emma. When Emma told me I was gonna serve them a twelve course dinner I was puzzled. Now I know. Now you know. Do you?
WhoreAmy a Viking whore?
Holes to explore?
And to implode?

-WhoreAmy on a northern expedition.
-The Brothel of Burdel Paprika

ps: Cum visit me in Stockholm. You can find me here and enjoy my pics and leave some nice comments for me, will you?

Monday, February 1, 2010

Amy Traveling to Sweden.

Just a quick post.

I'm on my way to Sweden and will arrive shortly. I will stay there for a week.

My Madame Paprika traded me to her Swedish friends Emma and The Old Man for some promotion of me and her BurdelPaprika. I will provide services free to Emma and T.O.M. for the entire week.

I will keep you informed as to what happens in the following days.

I already miss my BF and Madame Paprika and, of course, all my loyal readers and FBs.

If you miss me please link to Emma and T.O.M. you will find me there, now.