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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What The Vikings Served Me and What I served The Vikings.

Emma was very gracious - in more ways than one. And T.O.M. was very delicious - in more ways than one.

My travel plan, well, I didn't have one. Madame Paprika booked me the flight and gave me the eTicket. I packed up a little bag - no need much - Tampons and pills, basically. I did not think of booking a HoTel or anything else. I eMailed Emma at ARN and T.O.M. picked me up.

The "Old" man was quite young and big dark and handsome. Maybe I'll stay longer, I told myself. But the old man was a dirty old man. I found out immediately at the airport. And on my way to their home. It was late afternoon but dark. Cold but not too bad.

Emma allowed me to stay with them and by them I mean both of them and more... Emma is very attractive. I only saw her pussy pics on her site, now I see her entirety. I mean entirety. Wink, wink. I so love her clit ring. Check her out at HornySweden.

Did I say T.O.M. was a hard man? He is hard and stiff. You know what I mean.

These are some of the Viking green foods they served me. Although I was hungary for something else and they provided that too and then some. I was a bit tired because of traveling but they got me very sore, with that something else. So sore Madame Paprika will be so proud of me.
In return, these are the "things" I served them. All twelve of them, including Emma. When Emma told me I was gonna serve them a twelve course dinner I was puzzled. Now I know. Now you know. Do you?
WhoreAmy a Viking whore?
Holes to explore?
And to implode?

-WhoreAmy on a northern expedition.
-The Brothel of Burdel Paprika

ps: Cum visit me in Stockholm. You can find me here and enjoy my pics and leave some nice comments for me, will you?


  1. Hi !

    Come back for more you litle asian slut ! We are not finished with you.

    All our friends whants to fuck you to ...

    Send our best to The Madame . She deliverd us a good whore ;)

    LOVE /Emma & The Old Man (T.O.M. the hard one)

  2. Dear Emma and The Hard Man,

    Oh you are so hard, my pussy is sore my ass is sore. Emma is so beautiful I enjoy very much licking her between her legs.

    I'm still in Stockholm. Took a walk this morning and got lost. Some nice guy said something to me I didn't understand but he took me to his place. I think he said he never had Asian or Asian food before. Anyways, he can't say he never had Asians before.

    I'll call you after he's done with me. He is BIG. I'm so glad Madame Paprika sent me here. But I do miss her dearly.


  3. I´m glad you´re having a good time Amy, and please Emma & The Old Man be free to do anything you want to her, thats why I send her, because you guys are so nice with me. Keep enjoying all her holes whatever you want.

  4. I've gathered together 35 men for the evening in Stockholm...so prepare yourself with all your holes ....You will be used tonight!

    Aghhhhhhhhh /T.O.M.

  5. Emma and The D.O.M.,

    Now you're talking. I will do my best to make Madame Paprika proud of me and thank you so much for making the arrangements.

    I will write my fuck report on my next diary.


  6. Dear Madame Paprika,

    Whore Amy will not disappoint you. And thank you for your encouragements.

    I miss you.
    -Your Whore Amy