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Monday, February 1, 2010

Madame Paprika.

Oh... I love her huge boobs and nice brown tits.
Nice and sexy pussy bush.
Oh... I so want to have her boobs!

I discovered a new site BurdelPaprika run by a lady blogger Madame Paprika. The Madame was a charming and successful prostitute in many brothels in Italy. She now runs a brothel with many international girls.

Out of impulse, I asked Madema Paprika on her Cbox if I can work for her. To my astonishment and delight she replied "Amy, I saw your pics and I want you in my brothel."

The conversation went on for a while and it also got hotter and hotter. Please go to her siteBurdelPaprika check her out and read the Cbox archive for our conversation.


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  1. My big brown nipples is one of the reasons I got to be one of the most famous prostitutes in the world. After several years of hard working and fantasies maker, I decided to retire of the bussines, but it was impossible because I had so many clients anxious to satisfy their needs and spend money, so I opened a brothel for them. My intention was to made the most famous brothel with girls of all types of all the world and I named it "Burdel Paprika" because of my nickname as whore.

  2. Dear Whore Paprika,

    I feel so honored to be one of the Madame Paprika Brothel Prostitute. You will make me a better whore. Right?

    Kisses and Love,