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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

35 Vikings plus Emma and Her Dirty Old Man.

In my previous post I mentioned that I missed two pills due to confusion. So I thought I'd be clever. I reasoned if I restart the Y.E.S. at the same clock hours I used to take those things at home I'd be messed up again when going back home.

The same clock in two time zones are not the same time. So I must resume my pills at the correct time I would be taking back home or else. So the clever me waited till the local clock hour is same time as my pill taking time back home.

If I lose you, don't worry, I'm confused, too. Einstein help me.

But doing so I calculated that I actually missed three pills now. That greatly increased my chances of being knocked up by these 35+1 Vikings.

But I'm not gonna worry, in a wicked sense I was hoping I'd be pregnant so Madame Paprika will be happy, I think. At least I can still work for her.


Now the Vikings.
Emma and her Dirty Old Man live in a very nice and large home. So hosting 35 additional men is not a problem.

Emma started the evening dressed me as a Swedish maid, lol, do I look like one? But the emphasis is on the flimsiness of the outfit. It barely covered me - I was bare - all my private parts did not have much privacy. Emma asked me help serving them drinks, whatever they drink - I can't handle alcohol - one sip and they'll have to fuck me drunk - that's not good - my men like my feed back when they fuck me. I give them good feedback! Trust me.

So I mingled with them and when it's time for dinner my outfit was basically all torn and everyone had fingered me, including Emma. After dinner Emma announced desert. Guess what's for desert? Did I have to ask?

WhoreAmy was their desert.

Most of the time all my three holes were occupied and as I was their desert, I have had more desert - all their cums. I ate way too much. But cum is mainly protein, they say.

I worry a bit about my jaw and ass hole. One time in the past I had a sex marathon during which I gave every one deep throat fucking and I pulled my jaw muscle - can't give BJ for a week. I also worry about my ass hole cause I was never ravaged like this before. These Vikings really know how to pump my ass. I made sure lots of KY were applied.

The party lasted till near dawn and they all have to get ready to work. Even though Madame Paprika promised them 24/7 for my services, I actually get to rest a bit and catch up on my diary. So that's good. Besides my jaw and my ass hole does need to rest.

I don't know what Emma and her D.O.M. will schedule for me next.

The only thing sad about being unoccupied is it gives me time to miss Madame Paprika, my BF and my FBs.

WhoreAmy miss you all.

Oh, I almost forgot, Emma was so delicious and she did a good job molesting and licking me. She also participated in the orgy but I really can't tell you what they did to her - I was busy.

Having a good time,

ps: Emma and DOM if you email me pics you took, I'll add them as I receive them.

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