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Monday, March 8, 2010

My New Friend PamiCunt.

PamiCunt close up.
PamiAss close up!
PamiCunt glistening!

I met a new friend, Pamela, who left a nice slutty comment on my other blog HotAsianAmy. After I visited her blog MySluttySecrets, we have been exchanging emails ever since.

I call her PamiCunt and if you look at her cunt pics, you'd understand why I call her that. My BF said her cunt looks so fresh and young, he thinks she might be a virgin, which is not the case. PamiCunt has had more than her fair share of sexual experiences - black and white cocks.

PamiCunt writes so vividly about her naughty experiences that, being a slut myself, I look forward to reading her stories everyday and she does have a lot more to tell - she just started her blogging not too long ago.

Visit her blog MySluttySecrets and MySecret34 and I guarantee that you won't be disappointed.


ps: I masturbated for the first time over a cunt - PamiCunt!


  1. Dear Amy

    When you masturbated thinking about Pamela I hope some one was there to clean up all your tasty cunt juices for you. If I was there to serve you not one drop of your precious fluids would I have wasted.

  2. Jo,

    PamiCunt and I have so much in common it's unreal. We simply hit if off right off the bat. We're hoping someday we'll hook up and do something really wild. Maybe we'll invite you to clean up?


  3. My Dear Amy

    I do hope you do 'hook up' with Pamela very soon. I can not wait to read the stories about your liaison. As I type with one hand and stroke my hard cock I am imagining the lewd acts that you will perform with Pamela. I would be honoured if you invited me to clan up after all the fun. I can assure you that I would do a very good job.

  4. Jo,

    In our private email exchange, PamiCunt described how she would make me cum and squirt by fisting me! There are so many thing she and I can do together.


  5. My Dear Amy

    Are you trying to drive me wild? Well if you are then you are definitely being successful.

    I dont have a lot of experience with fisting, although I did have a girlfriend once where we tried to do successfully fist fuck very often and very hard. She was a nice English girl, very pretty and a little bit chubby. She liked to dress up in a black suspender belt and stockings that looked amazing against her milky white skin and, when she got up on her knees, would frame her ass beautifully, just like in an old masters painting. Do you like to wear suspenders and stockings when you fuck Amy? I wonder what colour would suit your skin colour? Would you like me to chose a colour for you?

    Well, anyway, to get back to the story. Every now and then we would attempt to fist fuck. I would hold the fingers of my well lubricated hand tightly together and gently work my hand into her cunt. I could get my hand in just past my finger knuckles and almost to the knuckle of my thumb. She would be moaning like crazy and pushing back against me realy hard. But no matter how hard we tried we could not get my fist past that point. So I would settle into fucking her as hard as I could and rim her puckered ass with my tongue.

    I understand that women's fist are are more slender than a mans so I would recommend that Pamela is the best person to break you in and to take you to that level of intense experience. If you get together with Pamela fist fuck make sure she rims you while she has her hand buried deep into your cunt. You will never regret it.

    Your obedient servant


  6. Jo,

    You and PamiCunt have convinced me fist fucking can be intensively joyful and I most certainly want to surrender my fist virginity to PamiFist.

    My BF, meanwhile, has been using more and more fingers when pleasuring my cunt, but not the entire fist.

    Thanks for sharing.

    -Whore Amy