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Monday, February 1, 2010

Amy's New Job... with Madame Paprika.

Julia Roberts eat your hearts out, this is my Boss! I work at her pleasure.
My Boss is a movie star!
Is that Tom Jones?
My new "Office"?
I kill for those BOOBS O_O!

Oh... I so love her boobs. She's my boss now.

This is a special post. This is a life changing event.

Pleas go to BurdelPaprika, and check out the newest hired prostitute by Madame Paprika. You will recognize her.

Oh, give her a rating, please?
And leave a message in her Cbox telling her what you think of her newest whore. Do it for me?



  1. Me and all my girls are very happy to have Amy in the brothel. A lot of them are asking me if they can be in orgies with she, so I´m offering to my clients a pack with Amy and another girl of mine... this is going to bring lots of $$$

    Kiss Kiss

  2. Dear Madame Paprika,

    I can't wait. I didn't know all the girls also want to team up with me. Tell them I thank them, too.

    Kisses and Love,